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Global Health and Universities

April 9, 2013

Physician-activist Paul Farmer has endorsed this new ranking of 54 academic institutions in Canada and the U.S. when it comes to their focus on global health. The University Global Health Impact Report Card evaluates top research universities on their contributions to global health innovation, access and empowerment.

The report card is a project of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines and uses publicly-available and self-reported information to evaluate three key questions:

  • Are universities investing in innovative medical research that addresses the neglected health needs of low-income communities worldwide?
  • When universities license their medical breakthroughs for commercial development, are they doing so in socially responsible ways that ensure those treatments reach developing world patients at affordable prices?
  • Are universities educating the next generation of global health leaders about the crucial impact that academic institutions can have on global health through their research and licensing activities?

The University of British Columbia got the best grades, above that of Harvard and Johns Hopkins. The University of Washington is in the upper-middle. UCSD is ranked 32.

— Michael Lytton, AJPM Blog Editor

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