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Terms of Use

We welcome comments from all readers, although the AJPM blog is primarily intended for professionals in the fields of prevention, population health, primary care and related disciplines. You do not have to be a registered WordPress user to join the discussion. However, you do have to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  • All comments will be subject to approval by the editors of the AJPM blog. The editors’ decisions on posting are final.
  • To post a comment, you must use your real name and include your email address.
  • Comments will not be accepted if they contain inappropriate language, personal attacks, or information known or likely to be confidential or false.
  • Authors of articles that are the subject of visitor comments will be notified of a pending comment so that they have an opportunity to respond.
  • Comments should be limited to 150 words and will be lightly edited for grammar, spelling, syntax and style.
All content posted on the AJPM blog  is owned by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine and subject to the same copyright protections as other journal content, unless otherwise indicated. More information on our copyright policy may be found here.

Reposting and Reusing Blog Content
We encourage readers and visitors to link to our blog content and repost or otherwise reuse our blog posts for non-commercial purposes, providing such reuse includes full attribution to the AJPM blog and a direct link to the original post.

General Web Site Terms and Conditions
In addition to the terms and conditions outlined above, use of the AJPM blog is governed by the same  general terms and conditions governing the use of the AJPM web site. More information on those terms and conditions may be found here.

Contact AJPM Managing Editor Angela Beck at
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